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Rental Information and Rates

The Runnymede is available for rental. It is an elegant venue for:

Weddings and Wedding Receptions
Class Reunions
Club Meetings
Banquets and Parties
Sales Demonstrations
And Many More...

The first floor of The Runnymede consists of five main areas

North Meeting Room
South Meeting Room

Most events are held in these areas. Click here for a map of The Runnymede first floor.

Rates: effective 01/01/22 for all new reservations

Rental Fees

< 25 people

< 50 people

<100 people

>100 people

Half day, 6 hours or less





Full day, up to 16 hours





 For time periods greater than on the chart the rate will be arrived at by adding times together. 
  There will be an additional charge of $25 for a meal that is more than finger foods.

Special rates may be negotiated by groups wishing to schedule regularly recurring meetings or events. 

Rental hours include the time you need for setting up, decorating, and cleaning up. 

In most instances the rental includes the whole building, but there may be times when there are multiple groups occupying the building.  This will only be done when each group agrees to sharing.  In such cases the rental fees will be adjusted downward.   

There are 120 chairs, 6 rectangular 6 tables, and 20 round tables 59 in diameter.  Some are stored on the first floor and some are stored on the second floor. All are folding metal and plastic units stored on moveable carts.  During use of the building, the carts may be rolled onto the patio or back alley to clear the space within the building. 

The Runnymede owns twenty white table cloths that fit the round tables.  An additional fee, paid in advance, of $20 per cloth is necessary to cover their cleaning.  If you wish to use the cloths notify the manager enough in advance so that the cloths can be put out for you at the time of your building use. 

The building is rented with no chairs or tables set up and it is expected that the renters will return the building to that condition.  Those wishing to have the tables and chairs set and removed for them will incur an additional charge of $10.00 per table and accompanying chairs.

WiFi is free and available in the building through BancCentral, but must be arranged by the renter a few days prior to their event. Call 580-327-1122 and ask to speak to the department in charge of WiFi. BancCentral is open between 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday.

To rent The Runnymede contact Ken Brown at (580) 327 7902 or send him an email at khbrown8560@sbcglobal.net.

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